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Pink and White rose flowers are in bloom in the rose garden._The name of this rose is Bord

– Established 1965 –

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The Redwood Empire Rose Society

Santa Rosa, CA Chapter of American Rose Society  

Date: April 18, 2024

Program Time: 6:15pm -8pm

Topic: Displaying Your Roses

Open to the public, free to attend.

spring flower arrangement roses.jpg
Whether you're an experienced rosarian who shows their roses in competitions, or a home gardener who loves growing roses, knowing the basics of a great arrangement is a must for our annual rose show, a bouquet for gifting, or simply enjoying throughout your home.

Bring a few of your roses to the program and we'll provide the instruction and vases to show you how to create eye-catching arrangements and displays with each type of rose bloom and stem size/shape. Open to the public, free to attend.

Our Rosarians can help. We have several Consulting Rosarians (a rose expert trained to speak and teach about roses) in our membership who can help you with rose care and maintenance.


From what variety to plant where, to pruning schedules, to best fertilizers and composts...our Rosarians are trained to help you with it all. 


Rose Gallery

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